Thursday, February 28, 2008


I keep eating horrendously, justifying it by thinking to myself that "it's okay, I'm doing detox soon." I feel like I've gained 5 pounds from inhaling Haagen Daz, pastas, sweets, etc etc this week.


Note to self: do not listen to old school Mariah Carey. It does zero good for heart-hurt. It aggravates heart-hurt.
>.< Aigoo.

I'm pretty excited to go to Toronto this weekend (Saturday) for Kollaboration... I'm going early to squeeze some shopping in before we line up ridiculously (but apparently necessarily) early for Kollab. Hopefully Lisa can meet up after her familiy luncheon.

I didn't realize that it was THURSDAY already. Where did this week go? I definitely did not get enough reading into this Reading Week and I'm not quite sure how I'm going to be ready for my two quizzes next week. Not that they're worth much anyway. That's a lie, my Geography quiz is worth 10% of my final mark.... which I say is ridiculous cuz all it is is memorizing a list (albeit a LENGTHY list) of places in Canada and indicating their locations on a map. But I guess my professor's ridiculousness is helping my grades...

I keep accidentally touching where I shut the car door on my head the other day and not only does it still hurt, it still makes me feel oh so DUMB.

Ooh Ooh! We tried a different Indian restaurant today for Lunch Buffet!!!!!!!!!! Peter, Chris, Jenn Shin, Grace and I went to Jewel of India for $7.95 All You Can Eat Lunch Buffet. It was GREAT. I personally like it better than Massey's, which is a dollar more (or is it $9.99?) and not as big of a selection. Mmmmmmm. The naan was FRESH baked, which is what got me.

I'm amazed at how patient God is, and it makes me realize how much I am not. I've started reading the Bible again, at the book of Matthew and to be honest it's pretty slow going. I want to feel myself drawing near to God... I want to feel the difference Scripture breathes into my life..... I guess I need to learn how to let go of my need to control the pace of this process and trust that it is in much more reliable hands.

I want so badly to be held. To know that I am loved inside and out. I feel so lost right now... like I'm groping around in the dark, which I once thought was light. I'm so confused...

Lord, teach me! Be gentle with me! Help me trust You, and trust that at the end of this long road ahead, I will stand before you, renewed and restored.

On a different note, my skin is driving me N U T S.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

apres le cleaning

Oh man, I didn't realize how messy I'd let my room get over the exam period...
It's taking forever to tidy up. :(
Anyways, about to hit the hay, but thought I'd get some thoughts down before I do.

I guess because not a lot of people blog or read blogs I can use this more of a second journal... one in which I can insert photos though... I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship.
Just wanted to upload a couple quick pictures...

I love coming home... it's really easy to take your mommy for granted when you live at home and I totally appreciate this wonderful woman so much more ever since I moved out... this was some great teriyaki she served for dinner tonight.

And my Bunny #1. She's sitting atop my pillow that I also had made before school started this year... love this pillow. White fabric with silver glitter hearts. The bunny's eyes are only stickers still, but I can't seem to find anything that looks appropriate. I tried buttons but they looked ... not quite right. Creepy.
Tomorrow = Wednesday = work in Lala Land! (I work in a lab for a Dr. Lala... get it?)
I should remove my Crest Whitestrips and get some shut-eye.
I shall do that ... now.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I recently ("recently" = hours ago) asked Inggy to change the password for my facebook account. I figured this would be a less painful way to "quit" the thing... less painful as in this way I won't lose all of 55 photo albums that are attached to that account, ha ha.

I've been playing with the idea of blogging for awhile now... the biggest factor being my gomo (that's "paternal aunt" for any non-Koreans out there) insisting that there's a way to make money in almost anything..... she expressed her incredulousosity at the fact that there are people out there who make money by posting their thoughts on the internet (Perez Hilton comes to mind). Obviously that's not happening here, but her suggestion made me consider it at least.

So, in the wake of (temporarily?) killing my Facebook, here I am starting a blog!

I stopped by Covent Garden Market today after dropping off the little brother at the Y for his swimming lesson... I was in need of loose-leaf teas for to start my month-long venture that is called the Detox Diet. I'm trying to take it more seriously this time, not just relying on buckwheat noodles, mushrooms and baked sweet potato to get me through... I really want to see if my eczema will clear up a bit by changing my usual intake of food.

So this detox diet calls for use of herbal teas incorporating the likes of calendula flowers (aka. marigold aka. chamomile), echinacea (have yet to buy from nutrition store at the Market),
nettles, and other such earthy leafy things.

I'm quite excited actually to brew these teas
in my brand spankin' new teapot that I bought from The TeaHaus! (

I actually took a bunch of pictures (after asking permission) of the store cuz I remembered Hannah expressing that she missed the place, so Hans here you go!