Saturday, February 28, 2009

Make it count.

All this talk of Lent... here are some of my thoughts about it.

I don't think I knew what Lent was, growing up. I don't even recall the first time I observed it, or what I gave up. I wonder if I understood what it meant at the time.
As I take this time to be alone, and have some introspection... I think I can begin to understand the "reason for the season." hehe. 

We have so much but are willing to give up so little to the One who's given us EVERYTHING. 

I want Lent to be real this year.
I want to not just give something up and then simply fill that space in my life with something else... I want this sacrifice to mean something, to be a way to experience God fuller, more real in my life.

Pastor Billy told us the other day that if we truly give something up and are really experiencing Lent, we should be growing closer to God. 

I want that.

So... here goes.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

celebratory two.

so i did end up making a croquembouche... i made it from a laura calder recipe (star of "French Cooking at Home") and it was so much fun! except at the end, when i was rushed for time and was worried that it would all fall apart... and then cleaning the pot of rock hard caramel wasn't too fun either... but on the whole, i'd say 'twas a fun experience.

they were so beautiful!
i made each puff pastry ("choux" pastry, because they kinda-sorta-not really resemble little cabbages when they puff up) from scratch, and it was AMAZING seeing the squirts of runny dough puff up into a ... a puff. glorious. and then i made the vanilla custard from scratch as well and filled each choux pastry with it.... thennnnn i made caramel (thaaat took a lot of patience) and dipped each pastry puff, and stuck it to an inverted flower pot on a foil-covered disk. then i spun sugar around the whole thing and prayed it would stay intact on the way to sam and jocelyn's house!
made it to the party in one piece!

aaaand that's all for now because i am not feeling well.