Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Deluxe Update

There once was a wonderful Sunday School Pastor, named Peace Jundosanim. She came to relieve the usual Sunday School pastor while she was on maternity leave, and the LKCC children loved her. She became wonderful friends with Scott's mom and after she left, kept in contact with her. 
Christmas season came, and Peace sent a large package to Scott's house. Scott's mother opened the parcel and inside were many presents to jangronims and jipsanims at LKCC! One of these gifts was a do-it-yourself samgak kimbap (triangle kimbap) maker kit thing, and Scott's sister Ashley was very very excited about it, indeed.  So, she set about learning how to assemble these wonderful snack-sized rice balls wrapped in seaweed ["kim" (pronounced "geem") or "nori], but there was no clear instructions online! After examing photo after photo after obscure website about "onigiri" (the Japanese term for samgak kimbap), she finally figured out how to wrap the triangular lump of rice! Here are the fruits of her labour:

Instructions on Assembling "Samgak Kimbap"

1. Season sticky rice with sesame oil, salt, and sesame seeds. (I also mixed in a rice seasoning mix for extra flavaaa)
2. Prepare your filling of choice, a strip of kim, and a (preferably non-stick) surface to work on. 
3. Fill bottom of a triangular rice mold with rice, and make a small impression in the centre.
4. Place filling in the middle of the triangle, and cover with more seasoned rice. 
5. Use the triangle "top" to compress your rice and contained filling into a tight triangle.
6. Stand your rice triangle in the middle of your strip of kim, and fold it up on each side of the rice. 
7. Wrap corners of each side around the rice and hold in place with a sticker (included in the kim package). 
8. VOILA! You have created your own, personalized, super cute samgak kimbap! ENJOY!

Now, opening this package is another feat altogether, but if you wish to go about this without ripping your kim in the process, there are videos of how to do this online. Hahaha!

I am in love with this stuff. Some fillings I have tried to date are a spicy chili tuna, a lemon dill tuna, and smoked salmon + cream cheese! Mmmm. It was so frustrating, though, me and my mom ventured to make one together and utterly failed.. we ruined 3 of those plastic-wrapped sheets of kim before I set about figuring out how to do it properly. 

The end.