Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I am living in Washington, Illinois!
The program my boss runs has 20 international students from Korea enrolled in it, 5 of which live with me in this house. I love my boss.

15 minutes across the river is Peoria, Illinois which is where the kids attend school. I have yet to discover it in its entirety, but I hope to do so soon and I'm really excited. From the pictures and blogs I've seen online, and from what I've seen already, Peoria seems like a very pretty and charming city.

Today was an especially fun day; Wednesday is bible study night and Korean food day. I got to meet the other students who are living in other houses around Peoria and I led bible study with the Grade 10s.

I have been lacking coffee ever since I got here (3 days now) and I am seriously in need of caffeine.
The co-teacher who also lives in the house JUST got a new Rav4, so I will now have greater mobility with the other house car and I'm so excited to get out and explore the city!!!!!!

I'm challenging myself to do a few things already: to have daily QTs after the kids are shipped off to school in the mornings, and to draw something everyday.

I'm SO pooped. I'm outtie.