Saturday, June 13, 2009

To sing Your praise to the ends of the earth..

I see hypocrisy around me and in me, and unlove around me and in me.
I know this is not a good sign on my own part
I know that it simply means that I am lacking in love,
but it's so hard.
What use is it to think of and realize such beautiful truths and revelations about God when others can't see the transforming power and love that flows from such truths!
Make me more pliable, more workable, more impressionable to Your shaping and changing presence!

My heart is so small. So selfish and proud and stubborn and unclean.
More Love!!!!!

There are moments of grace, though, most definitely... for these I am so truly grateful.

I am soooo excited... In all honesty, I feel so much better about my decision to stay here. For now. I want to see how God will use me either career-wise, academically or in the mission field. Whether here at home or overseas.
Help me understand these longings in my heart, the passion that I cannot yet name or identify. Help me see Your will more clearly! Help me desire more of Your Word!
Lord, use me! Please use this decision and let me honour You in it..
I love You!