Monday, June 23, 2008


a view of a June sunset from Social Science parking lot

flowers beside a bus shelter near wonderland and sarnia

bus shelter near wonderland and sarnia

a bright pink rose a sweet old man gave me in the elevator in Mark's building~ :)

So, this past weekend was spent in Toronto/Mississauga with the family, celebrating Anna and Paresh's wedding. It was so much fun! 1 wedding down, 2 more to go!

Friday was the Hindu wedding ceremony, which I found long but really interesting. It was really beautiful and colourful and I thought the various rituals really cool... symbolizing the union of the bride and groom and their families. ^^

The ceremony on Saturday at the Metropolitan United church downtown Toronto was short in comparison, and much more simple, but it was beautiful too... Anna looked SO HAPPY. I didn't think I'd cry or anything this weekend, but really, witnessing the union of two people really is a beautiful, moving thing. I'm so excited for them!
Also... I realized as Anna's family gathered for a family photo that my own family has no more grandparents to pose with at weddings. I miss 할아버지 a LOTTT sometimes.

with Anna, in her beautifulllll wedding sari

Yesterday was mum and dad's 23rd wedding anniversary... Wowww they're getting old!
I'm pretty bummed right now... what am I going to do with my life... what is God's plan, and how do I live out a fulfilling, purposeful, glorifying and edifying existence? I want this to be easierrr.... but I guess it wouldn't be half as fun then. Making mistakes, falling down and getting back up... it's all a learning experience. We go in blindfolded and pray that He guides us and catches us when we inevitably do fall-
I want to take up painting, or baking, or something creative. I want to enjoy life and not feel so ... burdened. I want to love and not feel resentful. I want to see beauty in people and in myself and not dwell on the ugly things. I want to be restored and made whole.
The "My Soul" section of the "Tassels" chapter in Velvet Elvis really resonated with me. I think I've taken a prolonged break in my healing process and "experience the shalom of God..." and live from my heart.. connected with my soul. Pastor Sandra used the word shalom ALL the time when she was here at LKCC, and I'm only beginning to understand what it truly means NOW.
I want to experience and live and breathe shalom.

Sunday, June 1, 2008


I have a secret....
and I can't wait to share it....
Lisa miss you! lol
I can't wait to tell you what your birthday present is MUA HA HA HA-
I've been thinking about it for the last like 30 minutes and I'm SO EXCITED
Alls I gotta say is you better have cleared that date.