Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hello, October

Soooooo I am about to hop in the shower but just wanted to update (all my avid readers haha) real quick.
I am so happy here... God is so cool, and awesome and wonderful and gracious... and I know I'm supposed to be researching and seeking and hunting down career paths, but right now it's just so delicious to BE. To ABIDE in His presence and mercy and love.

It's funny I should start learning these things after I step out of my "normal" life, into a strange unknown setting. Well, I guess it's not really that 'funny.' God works in 'funny' ways all the time.
So I suppose this is 'normal'. haha

I'm on my FOURTH week of P90X! I seriously didn't think I would stick with it, but it's soo good to do first thing in the morning when the kids go to school and I have definitely seen improvement in my overall health, my back feels so much stronger (yaaay no more tweaky ouchiness?!) and I'm happy with how my clothes are fitting now. ^^

Mmm.. I've gotten plugged into a church (Harvest Bible Chapel Peoria) and a small group and I am LOVING what I've learned and who I've met so far! God really really seems to draw the perfect people into our lives when we need them and I'm so thankful.

The weather is getting cooler and I'm SO excited for the leaves to turn... I've singled out a tree down my street that's beginning to be tinged with red, so I'm planning on taking a picture of it (every couple days?) to do like a time-lapse, watch-the-leaves-turn type thing. haha stay tuned..

The drive into Peoria from Washington (where I live)
My domain! LOL Our kitchen in "Willow Home"
Grand View Drive, a beautiful stretch of road with huuuge houses and overlooking the Illinois River. So many trees just waiting to be set ablaze in colour! Can't wait to see!