Friday, April 30, 2010

This week jumped out of NOWHERE and knocked me off my feet.

Not in the romantical "swept me off my feet" (I wish this week had been a whimsical fairy tale of wonder!) but in the sense that "so much STUFF happened this week -both good and bad- and has just knocked me over." Mentally. I am brainily exhausted!
I don't think I'm complaining. (If this reads in a whining tone, you're reading incorrectly! ...)
Once again I feel that everything in my life, which had been collected and arranged and wrapped up nicely thankyouverymuch, has been thrown up into the air and all the different parts of me are being tossed about on one of those giant parachutes you bounce a beach ball on in kindergarten. (Awkward sentence).
Anyways. This week. Craziness.

It's been like 2 weeks now and I'm still reeling about being okayed for the OMF Serve Asia Cambodia team!!! The trip is from August 9-30 and I will be assisting long-term missionaries stationed in Phnom Penh and working with young women and children who are involved in sex slavery. I can't believe how the last 8 months or so are just... adding up and multiplying passion in me to learn more and do more and BE more for God's glory! It's so humbling and so amazing and such a relief as I learn more and more that it's not about me.

I have made the decision to stay rooted in Peoria for another year, and I feel so EXCITED to see what Year 2 in Central Illinois will have in store for me. I feel like there is SO MUCH that God wants to teach me here... I know that I do want to be more involved in church ministry and in community service... can't wait to see how our small group will grow and change... how my PCS kids will change and mature (fingers crossed!!!) in the next year... eeehehehehe.

So. This week I:
-confirmed that I would be returning for another year with Mrs Soo :)
-completed some more paperwork for OMF and sent it back to my awesome awesome team coordinator Bonnie
-have been working on my personal testimony+sensitive way to make people aware of human trafficking presentation for the next(?) Amplify worship night AND for the Women's Ministry Worship Night on May 11
-have pored over and completed typing up my Cambodia Prayer Letter
-taught myself a song on the guitar
-have gotten plugged in to start volunteer-counseling with Pastor Steve at the church office
-looked into online Biblical Counseling courses/degrees
-journaled a whole lot
-ran a total of 8 miles (so far!)
-blew up at my guys last night because I was sooooo frustrated and tired

Ah. There's something therapeutic about just getting your thoughts out and ordered in a list. I love lists!

Today is gray and kinda blah-ish outside, but I am thankful for it. This kind of day puts me into a pensive, curl-up-with-a-cup-of-coffee kinda mood.

Which reminds me...I should get working...

P.S. How do you present the TRUTH about the horror and filthy sinfulness of the human race to young adults in a way that is unflinchingly impactful yet instills hope for change and redemption in Christ??