Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2010 Lenten Season

Tomorrow is the beginning of the Lent season - what will you be surrendering in order to partake in Christ's suffering?

I admit I do not know the ins and outs of this upcoming season, I have only started to observe this as part of my faith in the past few years. However, I do believe that it is a blessed time to focus on and walk in the suffering of Christ as we approach Easter.

Something I think a lot of people may miss out on is that Lent is not merely a time to "give something up", but it is, I believe, more importantly a time to
fill this void with more of God. Our Father's purpose is never to make us miserable for the sake of being miserable! Do we dare excitedly anticipate this season of sacrifice in order to make more room in our hearts for the Creator of the universe??

Our "sacrifices" and "suffering" that we voluntarily undergo during the upcoming 40 days are nothing. We will never come close to the sacrifice and suffering of Christ's cross. But let us bring these small, embarrassing sacrifices to His feet and ask Him to beautify them.. burn away any selfish motivation and sanctify, purify, accept these offerings.

More of You, so much less of me

So farewell, Facebook. I'm sorry I let you eat so much of my time. Maybe when we meet again we'll be able to have a healthy relationship.


Lisa said...

AHHH the good ol facebook let go.
may God fill those times indeed! although i will be sad because thats another way of not being able to contact you..:(

i decided to give up junk food. i never knew how much i crave it and need something sweet. its an overindulgence and i will miss it. may I be filled instead with the sweet sweet Spirit of God!!

thank u againnnnn for an awesome blogggg update

strat said...

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